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About Us

Synergy Float Center strives to provide a clean, peaceful, and relaxing environment for people, like you, to access their true mental and physical well-being through floatation and other services. The name of our center comes from how floating synergizes the Mind, Body, and Soul to help optimize humanity. Floating helps human beings live in harmony with nature, others and most importantly, themselves. Spend some stress free time with yourself, on your journey towards inner peace and deep relaxation at Synergy Float Center, a floatation center in Alexandria, VA.

Chris Jones

floatation Center in Alexandria, VA

Chris Jones is the owner of Synergy Float Center, a floatation center in Alexandria, VA. He is a disabled veteran that served as an officer for over 24 years in the Army, Air Force, and Navy. A long-time resident of Old Town Alexandria, he traveled to Peru after he retired from his military career looking to reconnect and try to help determine what he should do next. floatation therapy was revealed to him on this trip, and shortly after his return home, he began researching floating. He bought a Zen float tent, and set it up in is home. He floats at least 4 times a week, and floating has changed his life. Because of all the positive things it has done for him, he realized that he needed to open a float center in Old Town Alexandria to help bring it to others.

Stephanie Jones

Stephanie Jones, Chris’ sister and Synergy Float Center investor is a part-time employee. She is a long-time resident of Old Town Alexandria with over 20-years of experience within the not-for-profit healthcare community. Her primary focus has been on research and the development of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. After seeing the transformation in her brother as a result of floating, she was honored and excited to become part of the Synergy Float Center team to bring floating to Alexandria, VA.

Tyrone Kennedy

Our General Manager at Synergy Float Center is Tyrone Kennedy. He is a graduate of Maryland Eastern Shore with his bachelor’s in criminal justice.  He has an energy that lights up any room and loves to help people on their own personal spiritual journey. He just moved back from Las Vegas two years ago where he found his love for kickboxing which he teaches throughout the week.  He also works in the community helping children with mental health awareness and teaching universal gratitude to all that brings us happiness and peace!

Beth Sauter

Beth Sauter is a new member of our team at Synergy. She graduated in May of 2017 from George Mason University where she majored in Hospitality Management but also studied Consciousness and Well-Being. She is a newly certified Reiki Practitioner – available for energy healing sessions by appointment on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Beth believes that Reiki is beneficial for absolutely everyone! She works to genuinely embody her personal ideals of Joy, Empathy, and Connectedness in effort to heal her clients’ mind, body and spirit.

What People Are Saying

  • I loved my visit to Synergy Float Center! The staff member was so helpful and accommodating. I used my time there as a mental health day and did the 60... Read More

    Adam Fletcher Avatar
    Adam F.

    4 star ratingI really like this place. The own does a good job explaining float therapy. The entire experience is very relaxing. Just make to sure to cover your hair really good... Read More

    coleen h. Avatar
    coleen h.

    Easy to make an appointment online, which is always a big plus for me! Synergy is in the basement of a building with a parking lot. Nice facility - waiting... Read More

    Deirdre Forgione Avatar
    Deirdre F.
  • Very clean facility and very polite staff. Super relaxing to float in the open tank. My boyfriend and I have done a 60 minute float twice and he gets so... Read More

    Amy Herron Avatar
    Amy H.

    As soon as I walk into Synergy Float Center, the atmosphere changes and becomes a calm, tranquil environment. The staff are very helpful and friendly. They provide an overview of... Read More

    Ashley Horne Avatar
    Ashley H.

    My first float was with a friend because neither of us knew what to expect. Now, I’ve gifted this experience to multiple friends and family members. I give it as... Read More

    Gina Renee Peregory Avatar
    Gina R.
  • This place is awesome! This was my first time floating and I loved it! Plan to arrive in time to get a tour of the place. I felt great afterwards... Read More

    OSchae Burris Avatar
    OSchae B.

    This place feels like a treat every time my husband and I visit. We have tried all of the float tanks/pods and have been pleased with them all. The entire... Read More

    Rana Draganja Avatar
    Rana D.

    This was my first float, and it was great! The facilities were clean, everything was explained cleary, and there's just a very nice vibe about the whole place. Will definitely... Read More

    Kyrstyn Kralovec Avatar
    Kyrstyn K.
  • 5 star ratingI really enjoyed my first float here and am now a member. I tried floating at another business while on vacation and decided that taking time out for a float... Read More

    Dave M. Avatar
    Dave M.

    5 star ratingI saw Heather for a manual lymphatic drainage massage after having liposuction to get everything healing and feeling better and man was it worth it! I felt so much better... Read More

    Cheryl L. Avatar
    Cheryl L.

    My float at Synergy Float Center was amazing! I will definitely be returning for another float.

    Everything is provided for you: earplugs, towels, soap, shampoo, and conditioner. I recommend bringing a...
    Read More

    Pamela Orr Avatar
    Pamela O.
  • My float at Synergy Float Center was amazing! I will definitely be returning for another float.

    Everything is provided for you: earplugs, towels, soap, shampoo, and conditioner. I recommend bringing a...
    Read More

    Pamela O Avatar
    Pamela O.

    4 star ratingThis was my first time doing float therapy and it really was a cool experience! I received a session as a Christmas gift and I was very eager to... Read More

    Tony G. Avatar
    Tony G.

    I love this place. It’s a bit expensive but worth it and the prices are fair for their niche services. I have a sauna membership and love my visits. I’ve... Read More

    Ashley Rhodes Avatar
    Ashley R.
  • I've taken advantage of several float sessions at Synergy and one IR sauna. I've also purchased things in the store - candles and more. The mood is so... Read More

    Klein Family Avatar
    Klein F.

    I loved everything about my floating experience. I felt lite and free. My mind was at peace. Just remember to wear a tight swim cap and shower cap under to... Read More

    Trena Taylor Avatar
    Trena T.

    Synergy Float Center is a little piece of heaven in the heart of Old Town. I love this place! Whenever I'm feeling a bit stressed or just need a quiet... Read More

    JoAnn Cooper Avatar
    JoAnn C.
  • From the moment you step through their doors, a sense of calmness invites you to relax. This my first visit and I can't wait to return! Very informative and accommodating... Read More

    Ken Williams Avatar
    Ken W.

    For the ultimate relaxation of your mind, body and soul. From the time you step in the door, the stress starts to lift from your shoulders. For true self... Read More

    Jennifer Burgess Avatar
    Jennifer B.

    I found synergy over a year ago and have been in love ever sense. The float rooms have everything you need to enjoy a peaceful float session, the infrared sauna... Read More

    Charlene Fauntroy Avatar
    Charlene F.
  • Synergy is in a great location in Old Town Alexandria that has free parking. The facility is calming from the moment you enter. I had called and spoken with someone... Read More

    Amy Curry Avatar
    Amy C.

    I love this place. I had heard about floating for years, but never realized I lived near one. Once the presidential election was happening I needed a way to de-stress.... Read More

    Justin Ellis Avatar
    Justin E.

    5 star ratingI want to speak about the above class customer service, Big KUDOS to both Jasmine & Cassadi who greeted me soo warmly. Their smiles truly set the tone for a... Read More

    Brandy C. Avatar
    Brandy C.
  • 5 star ratingSo my daughter gave me a float as a present. Got to Synergy twenty minutes early today and got the chance to check the place out. It's a bit of... Read More

    RayRay B. Avatar
    RayRay B.

    5 star ratingThis place is amazing first of all, When you park in the designated parking spot that says 1240 you have to proceed downstairs of the sign that you see synergy... Read More

    Christianne W. Avatar
    Christianne W.

    4 star ratingThis was my first experience doing a float tank. Some general thoughts:

    1) it ain't cheap. $89 for a one hour float. There are packages which reduce the cost.
    2) it is...
    Read More

    Steve K. Avatar
    Steve K.
  • 5 star ratingSynergy Float Center is a wonderful little spa. My fiancee and I have been going here since we have been so stressed during the pandemic. At first, we were worried... Read More

    Alan M. Avatar
    Alan M.

    5 star ratingI love this place! Friends gave me a gift certificate. I was a little skeptical about all this floating therapy stuff, but decided to suspend my judgement and give it... Read More

    Julia K. Avatar
    Julia K.

    5 star ratingVery good experience, if you like saunas and floats this is the place to go. Neat and clean, friendly staff and super easy in and out experience.

    Ohma S. Avatar
    Ohma S.
  • Absolutely amazing! I slept better the first night than I have in a very long time. It's totally worth it. You'll be glad you did it.

    Jim Thomas Avatar
    Jim T.

    Ms.Susan is a true asset to this business she was so nice and informative. The young lady receptionist was nice as well. I will recommend this center to my family... Read More

    TONI LU Avatar
    TONI L.

    If you’re looking for a rejuvenating and relaxing experience, try floatation therapy at Snygery. It is amazing. I have chronic pain and floating helps me to manage it. I’ve also... Read More

    Melanie Katsur Avatar
    Melanie K.
  • Excellent Service, super relaxing and out of this world feeling. Sauna only service is amazing as well. Def recommended

    ohma s Avatar
    ohma s.

    Perfect atmosphere for a deeply healing experience. All the small details are attended to. Helpful, caring staff, and a clean and quiet environment. I’ve had a great experience every time... Read More

    Marisa Harrington Avatar
    Marisa H.

    Superior customer service and I appreciate the calming ambiance of the center. I would highly recommend to anyone curious about floating.

    Andrew Kim Avatar
    Andrew K.
  • My experience was amazing. From the staff to the float, was definitely worth the time and money. I've been struggling with chronic back pain and after the float my body... Read More

    Kenya Green Avatar
    Kenya G.

    This is the best float center. They have nice rooms, it's very clean and always a personal greeting

    Alicyn Drew Avatar
    Alicyn D.

    I have to admit I was skeptical, but when my daughter told me about floating, and treated me to my first float, I found that it was just as relaxing... Read More

    Marsha Morahan Avatar
    Marsha M.
  • Synergy Float Center is phenomenal. The space is very conducive to healing and relaxing. Impeccably clean and the staff go out if their way to accommodate the clients.... Read More

    Andy White Avatar
    Andy W.

    Had my first float here and it was a really cool experience. Great atmosphere and amazing customer service. Ended up purchasing the 3-class deal at the end of my session.... Read More

    Swati Sankar Avatar
    Swati S.

    Had my first float experience here and it couldn't have been a better choice. The atmosphere was very welcoming and it was great to have a small explanation on what... Read More

    Jazzy Gonzalez Avatar
    Jazzy G.
  • Synergy is excellent. I have been a few times now and it never disappoints. The staff is friendly, the venue is serene and cleanly. I love floating and always come... Read More

    Tiffany Thigpen Avatar
    Tiffany T.

    What an amazing experience! Highly recommend Synergy Float Center. I was given a gift certificate for Synergy, otherwise I wouldn’t have known it was there. I’m so grateful for the... Read More

    Karin C Avatar
    Karin C.

    5 star ratingI have visited this spot twice in the past month; both times I booked a 30 min IR Sauna followed by a 60 min float. I've really, truly, completely loved... Read More

    D B. Avatar
    D B.
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