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Lucia N°03

BECOME A LIGHT TRAVELER at Synergy Float Center



Each session with the Lucia N°03 is a unique journey within. Colors, shapes and patterns dance behind closed eyelids; a kaleidoscope of light unfolds. Alongside this beautiful visual journey, the body begins to let go and deeply relax. Visionary journeys, healing memories and deeper understandings can emerge. The brain waves synchronize with the flickering light, creating coherence and ultimately finding its own harmonic expression. The Lucia N°03 grows with you: from resetting the nervous system and lowering the baseline levels of stress during intense periods, to opening the space for peak experiences, to inspiring creativity and compassion and even accessing flow states more regularly.

At Synergy you can also use the light in conjunction with our acoustical sound chair that vibrates with special music designed to help increase your vibration and balance your chakras. In addition, you will be laying on our Amethyst Crystal Bio-mat which heats ups and uses the natural healing energy power of crystals to enhance your bodies energies.

The Lucia Light is a great compliment to any of our other services.

The Lucia N°03. Light therapy invites you to expand your state of consciousness and let of stresses in your daily life. Lucia N°03 uses flickering light to gently stimulate the central brain such as the pineal glad/third eye, getting you into a mediative state. The third eye sees truth and is connected to clarity, intuition, bliss, and telepathy.


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How it Works


As humans all of our cells communicate through light (this is being confirmed through bio-photonics). The Lucia N°03 uses wide spectrum solid light plus LED flashing at various frequencies to relax and dilate the central nervous system. The brain moves from beta-dominance to alpha-theta and it can move into harmonic coherence. This can lead to lower stress, increased creativity, more frequent flow states and a feeling of wonder and awe.

  1. The process:
    The wide-spectrum solid and flickering light enters the body through the closed eyes, travels along your optic nerve and into the central brain (where the pineal gland and thalamus are located). As your cells communicate through impulses of light within the fascia, the light spreads through your body.
  2. YOUR SYSTEM IS ACTIVATEDWaves of light travel through the fascia, and the brain entrains to the pulsing rhythm of the light. As you move deeper into the experience, neural networks and chemicals are activated, your body deeply relaxes, and your unconscious world comes to life.
    As the visual scape opens, worlds and experiences start to flash before your eyes revealing your inner light. Thoughts fade away as you follow your breath and the music through the unfolding colors, patterns, shapes, journeys, memories and/or lucid dreamscapes. The Lucia N°03 is a tool for accessing deep states of awareness, making it easier to return to similar states on your own.

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Lucia N°03 Light Experience Introduction with Allison from Traveling Light

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