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Massage Therapy

“Massage therapy helps synergize the mind, body, and spirit”

​ – CL Jones

Massage therapy is any skilled hands-on interventions that work towards improving a person’s well-being and/or function through manipulating skin, fascia, and muscles. Massage is done by kneading, rolling, friction and rubbing like effleurage. Massage helps in the reduction of pain, stress, and anxiety and depression. Massage can release muscle tension and improve overall function. It can boost immunity and circulation and it improves sleep. Massage causes relaxation of the body. Massage is great for mental health and gives a sense of an overall general well-being. It helps with cognitive function and clarity. It can help improve digestion and alleviate constipation. Massage can help improve athletic performance and prevent injury to the athlete. It can also reduce symptoms of (DOMS), Delayed onset of muscle soreness.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy has been proven to:

Reduce stress and anxiety

Reduce depression

Increase your feeling of well-being

Boost Immunity and Circulation

Improve Sleeping Patterns and the Immune System

Pain Relief

Types of Massage Sessions

 Therapeutic Signature Massage

This is a customized massage geared to the clients needs and goals of treatment plan.  The therapist will use a blend of techniques and modalities including deep tissue, Swedish, sports massage, trigger point, NMT, cupping and myofascial release to help facilitate healing, relax the body, and release tension.

Spinal Reflex Therapy

This modality is a soft tissue therapy to relieve the hardwired reflex system in the spine and spinal cord. It uses acupressure like points via attachment sites of the muscle fiber or ligament fiber to release tension and turn off the reflex stuck in the body. Using specific assessments prior to treatment, the therapist will know which regions to work provided by a body map via software input and heat scanner. The effect is deep relaxation with the release of natural opioids and pain-relieving chemicals the body produces such as endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and enkephalins to heal the body and bring back its natural function.

Prenatal Massage

This massage is geared to the female client’s needs and goals as it pertains to pregnancy and after pregnancy. The pregnant mother is propped up with pillows for her comfort in a side lying position. We may use techniques to help induce pregnancy naturally around 38 to 40 weeks. We can use deep tissue and Swedish techniques during this time. The client can book a prenatal even in the first trimester.

Manual Lymph Drainage

This modality is an ultra-gentle manual treatment to move lymph fluid throughout the body to relieving congestion in an area and reduction of swelling in the limbs and other parts of the body. The therapist uses a specific sequence of manual movement and breathing techniques used by the client. This is good for clients with post-surgery whether elective or not or after a plane ride or sickness.


45 Minute Session

  • MLD


60 Minute Session

  • Any type


90 Minute Session

  • Any type


Massage Packages and Monthly Memberships are available to help reduce the overall costs. They can be purchased in the appropriate section of our store. Talk to Heather for additional customized options.

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