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A Glimpse Into the PandoraStar

A Glimpse Into the PandoraStar

In the ancient Greek myth of Pandora’s Box, it is said that Pandora curiously opened a box that Zeus had left for Prometheus’ brother Epimetheus. Once opened, the contents of the box were spilled out into the world, containing troubles that we as mankind would face in the years to come. It is said that what was left in the box after it had been opened were limitless blessings and endless hope for the human race. Although interpretations of Pandora’s Box vary, this story has been bouncing around in the collective human consciousness since the myth was born.


What happens when one decides to look at what is hidden within their own Pandora’s Box… or mind? Interestingly enough, a meditation machine called the PandoraStar was created so that people could experience the beauty held within their own psyche and the entirety of their potential.


Before we get into what the PandoraStar does, let’s go over why it was created.


In 1924, German physiologist Hans Berger invented the electroencephalogram, or EEG, a device that remains invaluable to doctors, scientists, and anyone who is interested in understanding brain activity. An EEG is used to detect the activity of neurons firing in the brain using electrodes that are placed on the head and monitored via computer screen. This comes in handy when testing for brain damage, tumors, stroke, sleep disorders, epilepsy, and is further used to study the underlying mechanisms of the brain (Mayo Clinic 2018).

EEG research on epilepsy was paired with a stroboscope or strobe light, an “old school” and much simpler PandoraStar that was used often, and still is, to determine if someone is prone to seizures. It was later revealed that the brain reacts to the intensity and rhythms of light when it is flashing at the back of one’s eyelids. Incidentally, many users who were being exposed to stroboscopic light reported interesting hallucinatory effects; light dancing behind their eyes, vivid colors, complex patterns, and many other different styles of visions have been reported since. These findings were explored especially in the 60’s, when hallucinations were all the rage. Many makeshift strobe lights or “dream machines” were created, including the classic bicycle wheel spinning in front of a flashlight. Eventually, technology developed and here we are with the advanced PandoraStar Trance Machine (Meulen, B.C., et al. 2009).


So what is it?


The PandoraStar is also known as a deep meditation trance device, brainwave entrainment machine, or light entertainment system. As previously mentioned, it is an advanced stroboscope or strobe light. It looks like a plate with 12 white LED lights arranged in a hexagram, more commonly known as the Star of David. This device can be attached to a tripod while the user lies down facing the Star with eyes closed. Unlike a basic stroboscope, the PandoraStar is equipped with a variety of light sequences which can be used to create harmony by connecting neural pathways allowing for cohesive brainwave states. For example, if you were to choose the Happy protocol, commonly used to help with depression, you might expect to feel euphoria, joy, or a mood boost. Some sequences last a few minutes while others last a number of hours. We know that brainwave activity is influenced by the synchronized activity of neurons firing in the brain, allowing the user to be introduced to various states of consciousness. All five brainwave frequencies, Delta (0.5 – 4 Hz), Theta (4 – 7.5 Hz), Alpha (7.5 – 14 Hz), Beta (14 – 40 Hz), Gamma (40+ Hz), are possible to achieve based on the protocol chosen (Carter, Lance 2017).


Why is this important?


Neuroscientists have found that “Our various states of consciousness are directly connected to the ever-changing electrical, chemical, and architectural environment of the brain. Daily habits of behavior and thought processes have the ability to alter the architecture of brain structure and connectivity, as well as, the neurochemical and electrical neural oscillations of your mind” (Bergland, Christopher 2015).


Each state of mind holds different benefits. Beta waves happen when we are thinking, working, or completing tasks. We operate within this frequency on a day to day basis. Also known as “the thinking wave” or “waking state”, we spend most of our time within this brain frequency, as they are the fastest of the brainwave states. Beta waves are also triggered during times of tension and anxiety, which is why we experience so much stress. Our minds generally run on this level so that we can accomplish our tasks and duties (Triggs, Michael n/d).


The alpha bandwidth takes place when we are in a relaxed state of mind, like meditation or reflection. This frequency also happens after we complete a task and sit down to rest, allowing for the release of physical tension. EEG research has discovered an interesting benefit of alpha waves: they can boost creativity and reduce depression. Memory, learning, and concentration are also influenced by the alpha frequency (Bergland, Christopher 2015).


Next on the spectrum is theta. It is of a greater amplitude and slower frequency. Occuring during daydreams, deep meditation, and REM sleep, theta is also called “the dream wave.” Memories and emotions are accessed within this state. An example of theta is when we are driving for miles but have no memory of doing so. Flotation therapy, or sensory isolation, tends to lead us into the theta bandwidth as well (Mindvalley 2017).


Delta waves are of the slowest frequency. They occur during deep sleep and are known as healing waves for that reason. This is when our bodies are in the “repair and rejuvenation” mode.

You would be in a coma or deceased if you were to travel to a lower brain wave state than delta.

At the opposite side of the spectrum exists gamma waves, the fastest brainwave. Less is known about gamma compared to others, as it was more recently discovered, but it is said that every region of the brain works together while in this state. Higher states of awareness and spiritual insights often take place during the gamma state (Herrmann, Ned n/d).  


Having the ability to choose which state to experience is invaluable, since the events of our day to day lives generally dictate what brainwave frequency we experience. The PandoraStar enables us to navigate within the realm of any brainwave state we desire with the push of a button, an invaluable tool for accessing the potential of our consciousness.


The method of leading one through the various mental bandwidths is called brainwave entrainment. This has been done for thousands of years through meditation, mind training, indigenous practices, shamanic rituals, and more recently: electromagnetic exposure and light therapy. Currently, the PandoraStar is a greatly accessible and beneficial way to guide yourself through brainwave entrainment (Doyle, Greg 2016).


What are the effects and benefits of PandoraStar light therapy?


They are endless. Immediate effects include deep states of mental and physical relaxation as well as meditation. As the light flickers behind closed eyelids, bright colors tend to arise within the mind, leading to formless shapes, complex geometric patterns, spinning fractal mandalas, and even people, scenes, forgotten memories, and sometimes, out of body experiences. What is interesting about this is that the LED lights on the Star are not colored. The colors exist in your mind and are therefore limitless. Synesthesia can occur, which is the blending of the senses. If you are to accompany a protocol with audio, it is possible for you to see the sounds, or feel the colors. This is paired with an immediate emotional response that is often empowering. The light flashes hundreds of times per second, which makes the brain attempt to make sense of the stimulation as it tickles the retinas.


Prolonged effects may consist of improved sleep, more energy during the day, stress relief, relaxation, emotional balancing, depression management, anxiety reduction, personal development, inspiration, creativity, brain training, mental expansion, cognitive enhancement, access to meditative states, heightened self-confidence, migraine reduction, greater attention to detail, heightened sensory input, and dream recall, among others (Newport Float 2018).


Since each person is different from the next, there are a wide variety of experiences that can happen. It is encouraged to use a mindfulness or intentional practice such as breathwork, sound attention meditation, or chanting a mantra. You can use it in your own way. If the user goes into the session with a particular intention or thought in mind, it could help direct them into the headspace that they desire. Once a particular feeling, emotion, thought, or benefit is accessed through the PandoraStar, it can be used accordingly in your daily life.


If you have a history of epilepsy, talk to your doctor before trying the PandoraStar. Though some say that it may help with seizures, it is reported that under certain circumstances, a seizure may occur. There are ways to handle this situation if it were to take place. Feel free to watch this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wK188JTe5A) to learn how to remedy a light induced seizure, and the benefits the Star can have in the event of a seizure.


Who uses it?

“PandoraStar is used privately and commercially throughout the world by brainwave entrainment enthusiasts, biofeedback technicians, consciousness researchers, personal development trainers, holistic and metaphysical practitioners, spiritual retreats, float tank centres, health spas – and curious explorers like you” (Lance, Carter 2017).


My Personal Experience

I had the opportunity to try out the PandoraStar a few times at Synergy Float Center. I excitedly chose the Third-Eye protocol and eagerly laid down under the machine. The light began to flicker at my closed eyelids and within minutes I began to notice that the flashes were becoming colors. They were happening so quickly that I wasn’t able to make out what the colors were. The thought of this made me giggle and smile as I continued to go into the light. Soon after, the colors blended into morphing patterns that would swirl in and out of each other at great speed. I was feeling uplifted, light, and content as the patterns began to encompass my whole awareness. Then, something happened that I didn’t expect. In a fraction of a second, I saw what looked like a very detailed and complex looking city build itself up from the ground and then crumble immediately after. I couldn’t believe it and I started laughing out loud. I then reached up to turn the Star off so that I could try to put together the vision that I had just experienced. I was completely flabbergasted. This was only six minutes into a 30 minute session.


After I had a few minutes of thought I decided to sit down under the light in hopes to go deeper. I chose the same setting, closed my eyes, and went back into the light again. This time I was ready to finish the session. I had to. Within what seemed like 10 minutes, I watched with a smile as geometric sparkling mandalas bloomed into each other. Little did I know that I was in for a treat. Within another split second, a memory of my deceased grandfather replayed within my brain. I saw him walk towards me and I felt his warm and comforting energy within my chest. It was a memory that was locked within my subconscious, something that happened 14 years ago. He was my primary caretaker until he passed away and yet there he was, as alive as ever, right within my mind. Mixed emotions fought within me as I stood up to walk away from the machine. I was overjoyed, excited, confused, and in disbelief all at the same time. This is still in my heart to this day and I felt like I connected to something powerful. It felt strangely like it was all meant to happen, and I remain touched by my experience to this day.



The PandoraStar has a myriad of surprising benefits for users, from both short and long-term perspectives. This technology enables us to explore our respective brainwave states as we choose, a remarkable tool given how the daily events of our lives tend to govern those which we experience. The Star is quite accessible in how easy it is to operate, and also in how prevalent they are becoming around the nation. Synergy Float Center offers two sessions varying in length of time, either 30 minutes for $30 or 60 minutes for $55. Book your session today at https://synergyfloatcenter.floathelm.com/booking! If you are located outside of the D.C. area and are interested in trying a PandoraStar near you, search for one here: https://pandorastar.co.uk/try-pandorastar-near-you




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