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Structured Water

Synergy Float Center now offers free structured water to drink while in the center. You can also buy it and make it at home. If you purchased our quantum voice imprint, we can also imprint your water with your specific frequencies or affirmations to increase your health and healing.

What is Structured Water?

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8 oz. Makes 8 Gallons of Quantum Structured Water

Our water concentrates are created in a clean room Laboratory in Hot Springs, Arkansas. They have created a 17 step process to imprint the water with their scalar energy technology. The water is sourced from pristine, distilled Mountain Valley Spring Water and imprinted with scalar energy technology in a 72-hour process. As Jacques Benveniste discovered water has incredible memory so once it is imprinted with this coherent frequency information, it remembers. Water is the carrier to deliver this coherent frequency Information directly to the cells so it is Imprinted at the cellular level. Try it today at Synergy Float Center.

Drinking Crystalline Structured Water Can Impact Your Health

For the Science and Testing, see this Report:

Want to Learn More About Structured Water?

Meet our new Energy Healer - Lakshmi Puri

I was given the name Lakshmi from a renowned Yoga Master as a baby and grew up in a spiritual ashram near Washington D.C. I was immersed in the smells of incense, chiming bells, devotional prayers, and dedication to the healing path through practicing yoga asanas, pranayama (breath work), performing holy rituals, and repeating a mantra in meditation. 

In meditation, a whole realm unveiled itself before me involving my intuitive wisdom to work with energy and connect to a higher consciousness beyond my mental comprehension and reasoning. It felt as if I had been doing this for lifetimes. I was guided to travel to Rajasthan, India where I started working with others as a healer here while strengthening my own Divine connection being in this Motherland of Spirituality. I then returned to the States to continue practicing with people all around the world. I truly look forward to connecting with you.  Sessions available on Sunday and Mondays starting on Feb. 19th.