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About Us

Synergy Float Center strives to provide a clean, peaceful, and relaxing environment for people, like you, to access their true mental and physical well-being through flotation and other services. The name of our center comes from how floating synergizes the Mind, Body, and Soul to help optimize humanity. Floating helps human beings live in harmony with nature, others and most importantly, themselves. Spend some stress free time with yourself, on your journey towards inner peace and deep relaxation at Synergy Float Center, a flotation center in Alexandria, VA.

Chris Jones

Flotation Center in Alexandria, VA

Chris Jones is the owner of Synergy Float Center, a flotation center in Alexandria, VA. He is a disabled veteran that served as an officer for over 24 years in the Army, Air Force, and Navy. A long-time resident of Old Town Alexandria, he travelled to Peru after he retired from his military career looking to reconnect and try to help determine what he should do next. Flotation therapy was revealed to him on this trip, and shortly after his return home, he began researching floating. He bought a Zen float tent, and set it up in is home. He floats at least 4 times a week, and floating has changed his life. Because of all the positive things it has done for him, he realized that he needed to open a float center in Old Town Alexandria to help bring it to others.

Kim Beatty

Flotation Center in Alexandria, VA

Kim Beatty is the General Manager and has lived in Alexandria since 2000. Her background is in Human Resources Management and she looks forward to leading a strong team to support our clients.  She is a native of Michigan and has never lived more than 15 minutes away from the water. Kim understands the calming and healing powers of being on the water and looks forward to bringing that same experience to clients floating at Synergy Float Center.

Stephanie Jones

Stephanie Jones, Chris’ sister and Synergy Float Center investor is a part-time employee. She is a long-time resident of Old Town Alexandria with over 20-years of experience within the not-for-profit healthcare community. Her primary focus has been on research and the development of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. After seeing the transformation in her brother as a result of floating, she was honored and excited to become part of the Synergy Float Center team to bring floating to Alexandria, VA.

Beth Sauter

Beth Sauter is a new member of our team at Synergy. She graduated in May of 2017 from George Mason University where she majored in Hospitality Management but also studied Consciousness and Well-Being. She is a newly certified Reiki Practitioner – available for energy healing sessions by appointment on Wednesdays.  Beth believes that Reiki is beneficial for absolutely everyone! She works to genuinely embody her personal ideals of Joy, Empathy, and Connectedness in effort to heal her clients’ mind, body and spirit.

What People Are Saying

  • 5 star rating  Restful for body and mind. Felt the effects of the 60 min float all day. Cannot wait to come back.

    Karen K. Avatar Karen K.

    5 star rating  Was so nervous to try since I am somewhat claustrophobic. But was awesome. Loved feeling weightless. We did the couples... read more

    Chelsea A. Avatar Chelsea A.

    5 star rating  Had a wonderful experience, it’s was mine and my girlfriend’s birthday when we went and they gave use both a... read more

    Tyler J. Avatar Tyler J.
  • 5 star rating  Synergy Float Center just recently opened (11/2017) and it is tucked away in Old Town North, but don't let the... read more

    c h. Avatar c h.

    5 star rating  The float tank was a new and pleasant experience!! We will be back..

    Katanya M. Avatar Katanya M.

    5 star rating  Great experience! Incredibly relaxing - felt like I was floating in space. Definitely going back.

    Chris F. Avatar Chris F.
  • 5 star rating  A very different type of relaxation experience. I’ve done lots of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation work, and this aligns perfectly... read more

    Christie D. Avatar Christie D.

    5 star rating  Experienced my first float yesterday and it was so relaxing. Chris the owner is great, very informative and the spa... read more

    Barbara S. Avatar Barbara S.

    5 star rating  I floated here for the first time not long ago and had a fantastic experience. The staff is very professional... read more

    Sammy I. Avatar Sammy I.
  • 5 star rating  Great experience. Staff very professional and knowledgeable, high recommend.

    Leo L. Avatar Leo L.

    5 star rating  This place was amazing. As soon as you walked in you immediately felt serene and at peace. The energy of... read more

    Suzy O. Avatar Suzy O.

    5 star rating  Floated again today in a larger float tank and it was awesome! My favorite is the POD tank!  I  Synergy... read more

    Tasha D. Avatar Tasha D.
  • 5 star rating  I had my first float ever last week and felt completely cocooned in their pod... so relaxing it was like... read more

    Elisa C. Avatar Elisa C.

    5 star rating  I've been going through a really hard time recently (in the midst of heartbreaking grief from losing my father) and... read more

    Taryl M. Avatar Taryl M.

    5 star rating  I'd never heard of "floating" before. What a relaxing experience! Everyone in my family has tried it now... read more

    Chris F. Avatar Chris F.
  • 5 star rating  The Magnesphere is magical. I was taken into a fairly deep state of meditation quickly and could feel energetic shifts... read more

    Elena A. Avatar Elena A.

    5 star rating  The first time I went to this place I had a calf sprain from cycling for 2-3 months that I... read more

    Jo S. Avatar Jo S.

    5 star rating  I floated for the first time at Synergy Float Center a few weeks ago and I loved it. The center... read more

    Emilia T. Avatar Emilia T.
  • 5 star rating  What a great experience! They did everything possible to make me feel welcome and comfortable. Looking forward to the next time!

    Alexandra B. Avatar Alexandra B.

    5 star rating  This is unique and sensory wellness place I highly recommend. If u are looking for another ways to experience relaxation... read more

    j f. Avatar j f.

    5 star rating  Took my husband for his birthday, it was an amazing experience!! Senergy Float is now apart of our life!

    Everyone should... read more

    Laticia P. Avatar Laticia P.
  • 5 star rating  My husband and I had an amazing experience. He enjoyed the cabin float meanwhile I enjoyed the float tank,... read more

    Marisol R. Avatar Marisol R.

    5 star rating  My brother and I are both active duty military and wanted to try one of these out since we've read... read more

    Cody S. Avatar Cody S.

    5 star rating  Synergy Float center is a new addition to Old Towne. I've been to other float spas, but this is the... read more

    Victoria D. Avatar Victoria D.
  • 5 star rating  Experienced my first float today, pure relaxation! Beautiful set up, awesome customer service, just an all around great experience.

    Danette S. Avatar Danette S.

    5 star rating  A wk ago I very much enjoyed the cabin float!! With the stars overhead & meditation music. The spa was... read more

    Claire G. Avatar Claire G.

    5 star rating  I’ve been wanting to try this for years. I was not disappointed and the owner, Chris is just wonderful. The... read more

    Michelle B. Avatar Michelle B.
  • 5 star rating  We’ve done all the float places in this area and highly recommend Synergy. Great atmosphere and equipment, and the owner,... read more

    David H. Avatar David H.

    5 star rating  We came here using our groupon.  The associates were very informative about the whole process of using a Groupon,  scheduling... read more

    Macky T. Avatar Macky T.

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