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Flotation Therapy

Float Center in Alexandria, VA
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Flotation therapy is an escape from the constant stress of life’s daily pressures and a natural way to heal the body and mind. Flotation brings the body back into homeostasis.


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Magnetic Resonance Therapy

Float Center in Alexandria, VA
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The Magnesphere™ is a cutting edge relaxation device that is on the front lines of energetic healing. Imagine laying in a zero gravity chair while an invisible electromagnetic field surrounds you. As you relax or fall asleep, it realigns your cells on a molecular level.


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Additional Services

Infrared Sauna

Flotation Tank Therapy in Alexandria, VA

An infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses light to create heat. An infrared sauna heats your body directly without warming the air around you.

 RestStation™ and BioMat Therapy

Flotation Tank Therapy in Alexandria, VA

RestStation™ Therapy is a integrated audio/vibration system that assists clients with managing  pain and trauma symptoms.

The Amethyst BioMat  uses  crystals and soothing vibrations that can have powerful healing effects.


Flotation Tank Therapy in Alexandria, VA

An inverted triangle of LED lights stimulate various brain regions by focusing rays of light on the retinas. Users experience a “visible” frequency entertainment of kaleidoscopic patterns of colors and psychedelic imagery.

What People Are Saying About Our Float Center

  • Absolutely amazing! I slept better the first night than I have in a very long time. It's totally worth it. You'll be glad you did it.

    Jim T. Avatar
    Jim T.

    Ms.Susan is a true asset to this business she was so nice and informative. The young lady receptionist was nice as well. I will recommend this center to my family... Read More

    TONI L. Avatar
    TONI L.

    If you’re looking for a rejuvenating and relaxing experience, try floatation therapy at Snygery. It is amazing. I have chronic pain and floating helps me to manage it. I’ve also... Read More

    Melanie K. Avatar
    Melanie K.
  • Excellent Service, super relaxing and out of this world feeling. Sauna only service is amazing as well. Def recommended

    ohma s. Avatar
    ohma s.

    Perfect atmosphere for a deeply healing experience. All the small details are attended to. Helpful, caring staff, and a clean and quiet environment. I’ve had a great experience every time... Read More

    Marisa H. Avatar
    Marisa H.

    Superior customer service and I appreciate the calming ambiance of the center. I would highly recommend to anyone curious about floating.

    Andrew K. Avatar
    Andrew K.
  • My experience was amazing. From the staff to the float, was definitely worth the time and money. I've been struggling with chronic back pain and after the float my body... Read More

    Kenya G. Avatar
    Kenya G.

    This is the best float center. They have nice rooms, it's very clean and always a personal greeting

    Alicyn D. Avatar
    Alicyn D.

    I have to admit I was skeptical, but when my daughter told me about floating, and treated me to my first float, I found that it was just as relaxing... Read More

    Marsha M. Avatar
    Marsha M.
  • Synergy Float Center is phenomenal. The space is very conducive to healing and relaxing. Impeccably clean and the staff go out if their way to accommodate the clients.... Read More

    Andy W. Avatar
    Andy W.

    Had my first float here and it was a really cool experience. Great atmosphere and amazing customer service. Ended up purchasing the 3-class deal at the end of my session.... Read More

    Swati S. Avatar
    Swati S.

    Had my first float experience here and it couldn't have been a better choice. The atmosphere was very welcoming and it was great to have a small explanation on what... Read More

    Jazzy G. Avatar
    Jazzy G.
  • Synergy is excellent. I have been a few times now and it never disappoints. The staff is friendly, the venue is serene and cleanly. I love floating and always come... Read More

    Tiffany T. Avatar
    Tiffany T.

    What an amazing experience! Highly recommend Synergy Float Center. I was given a gift certificate for Synergy, otherwise I wouldn’t have known it was there. I’m so grateful for the... Read More

    Karin C. Avatar
    Karin C.

    5 star ratingI have visited this spot twice in the past month; both times I booked a 30 min IR Sauna followed by a 60 min float. I've really, truly, completely loved... Read More

    D B. Avatar
    D B.
  • Had a great first float here. Very friendly and helpful staff, relaxing lobby area, the pod room was well-kept and straightforward. Would absolutely recommend if you have even a passing... Read More

    Tyler P. Avatar
    Tyler P.

    Our favorite place. My finace and I discovered Synergy about a year and a half ago and we absolutely love it. Our ideal situation is we go once a month.... Read More

    AJ W. Avatar
    AJ W.

    5 star ratingMan oh man was this exactly what I needed!

    My wife bought me an amazing package for my birthday and I had been looking forward to visiting Synergy for quite some...
    Read More

    Mike U. Avatar
    Mike U.
  • The magic starts when you walk in. My energy shifted before I even stepped into the tank. Awesome staff, Tyrone is the best. After the float I peaked at whole... Read More

    J B. Avatar
    J B.

    An amazing find in Alexandria (good parking, too). This place transports one to another level of centering and relaxation, from the moment one steps in. Multiple modalities are... Read More

    Grace H. Avatar
    Grace H.

    Great place to float. The pod (aka tank) was a bit smaller than tanks I have previously floated in, but it was sufficient and I still had a great session.... Read More

    Four W. Avatar
    Four W.
  • 5 star ratingThis place is tucked away on the end of North Pitt street in a biz complex in a basement location. Once I actually found it, walked in not knowing... Read More

    K M. Avatar
    K M.

    5 star ratingI have floated and used the infrared sauna here about 10 times. The staff is amazing and they are very accommodating with scheduling. The place is immaculately clean. I always... Read More

    C H. Avatar
    C H.

    5 star ratingA little tricky to find.

    But, my friend and I tried the two person pod. Super clean environment. Provides all your basic toiletries. You truly do float effortlessly. I think in...
    Read More

    De'Leisa N. Avatar
    De'Leisa N.
  • 5 star ratingWent here for a birthday gift, and I think I am sold as a floater. Very interested in the other types of treatments the offer. The owner is... Read More

    Mark M. Avatar
    Mark M.

    5 star ratingI had my first float. I did an infrared sauna followed by a float. And, I have to say- this was next level self care. It was amazing!! The staff... Read More

    Jerseygirl I. Avatar
    Jerseygirl I.

    5 star ratingMy first time!!! Facility was beautifully decorated. Float rooms were warm and clean. I had no idea what to expect- did a 60 min float with sensory deprivation and it... Read More

    A H. Avatar
    A H.
  • 5 star ratingMy Special Lady's birthday was a fine occasion to come try this out. We are into bliss and relaxation and I had heard good things about Flotation Therapy. I was... Read More

    Chris O. Avatar
    Chris O.

    5 star ratingSo after spending some time doing research on float tanks / floating. Synergy seemed to have everything that I've heard was needed for a successful float, and from the experience... Read More

    Chris S. Avatar
    Chris S.

    5 star ratingMy brother and I are both active duty military and wanted to try one of these out since we've read a lot about them. We weren't sure what to expect... Read More

    Cody S. Avatar
    Cody S.
  • 5 star ratingI've been going through a really hard time recently (in the midst of heartbreaking grief from losing my father) and have been trying to focus on self care. I've done... Read More

    Taryl M. Avatar
    Taryl M.

    5 star ratingFloated again today in a larger float tank and it was awesome! My favorite is the POD tank! I Synergy Float Center, they provide excellent customer service! The... Read More

    Tasha D. Avatar
    Tasha D.

    5 star ratingThis is unique and sensory wellness place I highly recommend. If u are looking for another ways to experience relaxation that is beyond massage, def give this try. Float tank... Read More

    j f. Avatar
    j f.
  • I’ve been wanting to try this for years. I was not disappointed and the owner, Chris is just wonderful. The place is clean, beautiful and they’ve thought of everything to... Read More

    Michelle B. Avatar
    Michelle B.

    Was so nervous to try since I am somewhat claustrophobic. But was awesome. Loved feeling weightless. We did the couples float which was perfect for us. Synergy makes floating way... Read More

    Chelsea A. Avatar
    Chelsea A.

    My husband and I had an amazing experience. He enjoyed the cabin float meanwhile I enjoyed the float tank, and RestStation™ and BioMat Therapy.. Thank you su much. ?

    Marisol R. Avatar
    Marisol R.
  • 5 star ratingSynergy Float center is a new addition to Old Towne. I've been to other float spas, but this is the first that impressed me from start to finish. Everything from... Read More

    Victoria D. Avatar
    Victoria D.

    5 star ratingWe came here using our groupon. The associates were very informative about the whole process of using a Groupon, scheduling and other first time visit questions that we... Read More

    Macky T. Avatar
    Macky T.

    Restful for body and mind. Felt the effects of the 60 min float all day. Cannot wait to come back.

    Karen K. Avatar
    Karen K.
  • Experienced my first float yesterday and it was so relaxing. Chris the owner is great, very informative and the spa is top notch. Can’t wait for my next float.

    Barbara S. Avatar
    Barbara S.

    5 star ratingThe first time I went to this place I had a calf sprain from cycling for 2-3 months that I couldn't shake. Nothing serious, but definitely there and annoying.... Read More

    Jo S. Avatar
    Jo S.

    5 star ratingThe first time I went to this place I had a calf sprain from cycling for 2-3 months that I couldn't shake. Nothing serious, but definitely there and annoying.... Read More

    Jo S. Avatar
    Jo S.
  • 5 star ratingFirst time here. Tried the infrared sauna, room was relaxing and had a shower. The front desk (guy, forgot his name) was very helpful and nice. Plan to come back... Read More

    Natasha D. Avatar
    Natasha D.

    Great experience! Incredibly relaxing - felt like I was floating in space. Definitely going back.

    Chris F. Avatar
    Chris F.

    I'd never heard of "floating" before. What a relaxing experience! Everyone in my family has tried it now and absolutely loved it.

    Chris F. Avatar
    Chris F.

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“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future.”

– Lao Tzu, 15th century

“If you are at peace, you are floating.”

– Chris Jones, 20th century

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Float Center in Alexandria, VA

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