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Quantum Sound Therapy

Synergy Float Center is now a sanctuary of sacred scalar energy because of our new Tesla IQube which helps your “quantum brain” become repatterned to meditate like a Zen master as you are in the center.

The Tesla coils-iQube system is designed to create a powerful, blissful, zeropoint energy field that effortlessly raises your vibration and improves the resonance of your environment.

Inspired by the masterful Nikola Tesla, this Quantum Tesla iQube technology has been researched, developed, and created to clearly define Quantum Physics and Scalar Wave Energy. Ahead of his time, Tesla envisioned a world of love and free energy based on scalar wave technology that did not damage the human energy field or the quantum brain.

Nikola Tesla’s ideas in 1899 are now transforming the world with his brilliant inventions. This Quantum Tesla iQube really is the choiceless choice if you want to raise the vibration in your environment. Want to know more, visit the company website, quantumsoundtherapy.com


Did you know your voice is the energetic doorway to lasting transformation? Biophysicist Dr. Colin W. F. McClare discovered that, unlike tangible, physical signals, frequencies and vibrations are much more effective in relaying information to both the brain and body. This explains the positive impact healing sound frequencies have on our moods and emotions. Scientific studies have shown that negative emotions of anger, sadness, fear, and dread have frequencies lower than those positive emotions of happiness, love, gratitude, and contentment.

Using Cloud Sound Therapy voice analysis, the algorithm acts as the key for accessing those positive emotions and vibrations with the most powerful of frequencies.These frequencies relay the correct information to the brain and body while harmonizing your subconscious mind for true balance. Through this sound therapy, you achieve a state of harmony and happiness while simultaneously realizing your full potential. We call it the power of your frequency, discovered through sound therapy .

Tailored to you

Everyone’s experience within Synergy Float Center will be enhanced by our new Tesla IQube. You don’t have to do anything, other than be in the presence of it. However, if you want to personalize your experience and take it with you everywhere, we can use this technology to imprint your individual voice. This sound therapy helps crack the code faster to release your fears that hold you back from your full potential.

Each of our voices is a unique blend of frequencies. Hidden in the five octaves of your voice is a CODE with the power to release years of pent-up fear and anxiety. Why? Because your Voice Is An Energetic Record Of Your Past, Present, And Future that reflects your body, soul, emotions, and mind.

For $49 we will provide you with your own unique 24 minute voice frequency soundtrack, that you can listen to in the float tank, in the sauna, in your car, on the metro, relaxing at home, virtually anywhere where you can listen to music. The soundtrack acts to shift the frequency of your root pain patterns. This positive shift reduces the weight of the emotional baggage that has kept you on boundage every moment of your life.

The sound therapy algorithm helps its users remove the fear and stress they experience both consciously and subconsciously. By removing these negative factors, users can more openly and actively harness the power of their subconscious mind for real happiness.

Listening to your soundtrack twice a day reduces the power of your negative subconscious emotions. As you balance these frequencies, your vibration will shift. Some report experiencing states of bliss when this burden is lifted.

Discover the Power of An Aligned State

Visible Proof That Sound Therapy Aligns Chakras

This harmonization allows for an aligned state resulting in improvements in both mood and emotion. This balance was revealed in Chakra Balancing Photography (below).


When the five octaves involved in your voice code are balanced, so too are your chakras. Your chakras — the seven main energy centers in your body — house your emotional and mental strengths; both of which are improved through our Cloud Sound Therapy. A Sound Therapy Session conducted using our Cloud Sound Therapy technology revealed amazing results in the realignment and harmonious balance of the subject’s chakras. As is evidenced in the images above, we utilized image-capturing technology — called GDV — invented by the Russian scientist, Dr. Korotkov. These results show how the frequencies balance of the subject’s five octaves in their voice from our Cloud Sound Therapy supported the realignment of their chakras. Through our sound therapy algorithm, the frequencies used to balance the five octaves of your voice work also to balance your chakras. This often results in increased harmony and alignment in your state of emotional and mental well-being.

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Meet our new Energy Healer - Lakshmi Puri

I was given the name Lakshmi from a renowned Yoga Master as a baby and grew up in a spiritual ashram near Washington D.C. I was immersed in the smells of incense, chiming bells, devotional prayers, and dedication to the healing path through practicing yoga asanas, pranayama (breath work), performing holy rituals, and repeating a mantra in meditation. 

In meditation, a whole realm unveiled itself before me involving my intuitive wisdom to work with energy and connect to a higher consciousness beyond my mental comprehension and reasoning. It felt as if I had been doing this for lifetimes. I was guided to travel to Rajasthan, India where I started working with others as a healer here while strengthening my own Divine connection being in this Motherland of Spirituality. I then returned to the States to continue practicing with people all around the world. I truly look forward to connecting with you.  Sessions available on Sunday and Mondays starting on Feb. 19th.