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Stress Reduction Program

A recent study done by Harvard Medical found that 70-90% of doctors’ visits are stress related. It is literally making us sick.

In today’s loud, fast paced world, stress has become one of the largest threats to our health. Unmanaged stress can wreak havoc in every facet of our lives. As a result, many people and families should make it a priority to slow down and focus on their health and wellness. And a big part of that is managing stress. Synergy Float Center has partnered with Float Spa X Wellness Centers to create a six-week stress management program that combines the power of floating to reduce the mental and physiological stress load AND online and written instruction to help you learn how to manage the stress in your daily life and implement new stress-busting habits to keep you out of the RED ALERT ZONE.

Why use floating to help reduce stress?

Research data provided by the Float Clinic at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research Learn more at

Floating increases endorphin production and decreases anxiety, depression, cortisol response, heart rate, and blood pressure, while also significantly reducing muscle tension and inflammation so you feel great inside AND out. Floating has also shown to massively improve sleep habits and cause longer and more restful sleep.

Clinical Research has proven floating decreases stress and all those conditions associated with it. See the chart of a recent study.

Why this Timeframe and Format?

It only takes about 30 days to develop a new habit and the additional two weeks helps reinforce that new habit, ensuring the successful integration of them into your life. So, six weeks seems to be the sweet spot to help ensure the successful development of patterns to help make lasting changes in your life. Philosopher Rudolf Steiner said, “one can ascend to a higher development by only bringing rhythm and repetition into one’s life”. During this program you will float, listen to your voice imprint, read floatosophy, journal, and do the online coursework once a week at your own pace for six weeks to help develop your rhythm via repetition. Because the program is multi-faceted, in that– you are doing something, reading something, listening to something, eating/drinking something, watching something, writing something, and thinking about something, that all have to do with the same thing – stress reduction; it has a much higher chance of success than other self-help programs that are only one dimensional. But you still must do the work and show up for your floats and the rest should come naturally.

What is provided in the online portion of the program?

Float Spa X Wellness Centers online course modules (just one per week!) are designed to walk you through eliminating stress-causing habits and replacing them with stress reducing strategies.

  • Week 1: How Stress Manifests in the Physical Body and what that means for your life, your health, your work, and your relationships.
  • Week 2: Morning Strategies and Gratitude Practice to Beat Stress + Purposefully Begin Your Day
  • Week 3: Time Blocking + Boundaries
  • Week 4: Nutrition, Supplements, and Adaptogens
  • Week 5: Grounding Exercises and Eliminating Negative Talk
  • Week 6: Short Term Strategies for Stress (things you can do NOW!) and Long-Term Strategies to Keep the Peace
you are now entering a stress-free zone.

What You Get With Synergy Float Center’s Six Week Stress Reduction Program?

  • Six Hour Long Single Person Floats at Synergy Float Center (normally priced at $534)
  • Six Weeks of Informative Online Videos and Exercises relating to Stress relief from Beth Jones at Float Spa X Wellness Centers. (normally priced at $350)
  • Copy of Floatosophy, an interactive guide/journal authored by Chris Jones, designed to enhance each floatation experience. (normally priced at $24.99)
  • A personalized Quantum Sound voice imprint. The human voice is like an individual fingerprint. It carries your beliefs, worries, fears, and the vibrations of your health and wellbeing. Your voice is as individual as a fingerprint, and while constantly changing provides a holistic measurement of your present state of consciousness. When your voice is imprinted to a frequency that is 15-20 minutes in duration, listening to it helps release stress at the “quantum” level. These quantum tones are like your personal symphony. They create the space for harmony at the deepest levels of your being – initiating the release of stored emotional stress, hidden fears, sadness, and anxiety. (normally priced $49)
  • Access to a dedicated private facebook page for everyone involved in the program developing a sense of community where you can ask specific questions and get motivation from others. (normally priced at $50)
  • Synergy Float Center Water Bottle: drinking enough water is foundational for enabling our bodies to function properly and help reduce stress. (normally priced at $5.00)

You get all this that would normally retail for over $1000 at over a 50% savings; not to mention the cost and time savings from less visits to your doctor and the priceless feeling of having less stress in your life combined with an overall sense of wellbeing for only $497.

After your six program you can get reduced prices to continue floating once a week with our weekly float membership.

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